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Ceramic Mold Manufacturers

Please email if you know of a company
that should be added to our list!

Alberta's Molds
(Snow-babies, Heinz, Byron, Jamar)

Hobby CeramicCraft
In the UK

American Molds
(Indiana, Holland, PCM, Firehouse
and Ceramichrome)

(Norwood, Reward, Kentucky, Ocean State )

Ann Original

IMD Ceramics

Anthony's Designs

Kentucky Pottery

Bil-Mac Molds

Lincoln Molds

Ceramic Mold Hunters

(Big D, Bil-Mar, Brush Country, Byron, CJ,
Crest, Ceramichrome, Mayco, McRon, Mikes,
Provincial, PCM, Peebles, Sundance,
Teddy Bear, TNT, Vicki, Western, Yozie,
Nancy, McNees, Delta, ICCO )

Macky Molds
(Alberta, Arnels, Atlantic, Bil-Mar, Boothe, Brush Country,
Byron, Castle, Catskill, Ceramic Emporium, Crest, Davis,
Fairy Princess, Holland, Kansas, Kelly, K.C., Molds,
Kimple, Kinzie, Macky, McRon, Mike's, Nancy, Oasis, Ocean State,
Power Design, Provincial, Shade Tree, Sittre, Tampa Bay,
Tesoro, TL, Western, Vicki, Yozie)

Cindy's Ceramics
(Atlantic, Byron, Ceramic Emporium, Ceramichrome, Cindy's,
Crest, Duncan, Glenview, Marco, Mayco, MOM,
Rocking Horse, Weaver, Yozie)

Magnolia Molds
(Jones, Pinetree)

Master Sargent Molds

Clay Magic
(Nice Site Update!)

Mayco Molds

Clay Puzzling
Learn all about this fun way to play with clay!

Mystic Molds
(Doll molds)

Collectible Doll Molds

NBE Molds
(Casco, Waer)

Country House Molds

Petro Molds

Creative Paradise

Ponte Pinto

Doc Holliday
(Now available from Starlite.)

Riverview Molds

Duncan Molds
(Now available from Starlite Molds.)

Shiloh Molds
(Heinz, Jamar, Nowell's)

E&T Ceramics
(Daddy Molds, Favor~ Rite, Old Town)

Skyline Molds
(Jay Kay, D & R, TM molds, BJ, Cloud Mountian,
Clear Creek, Alberta, DH, Jasper, Mission, Shirley's,
Yozie, Marie's Rio Grande, some Crest)

Fire Box Molds
Unicorn Ceramics

Starlite Molds
(Alberta, Clay Magic, Cole, Doc Holliday, Dona, Duncan,
Heinz, Jamar Mallory, Madeinfire, PK, Scioto,
Starlite, Suncrest, TL.)

Hershey Molds

Unicorn Ceramics
(Nancy's Molds, PK, McRon, Fire Box)
in the Netherlands

HK Enterprises
(Ceramachrome, CJ Molds, Mayco, Vicki's Vases,
Crest, Glenview, Mike's Eagles & Religious Molds
and Misc.)

Steven Craig's Molds
(Yozie Mask & Halloween Molds, Corky, and Viktoria)


Visit this site for a listing of Ceramic Shows around the country -

Ceramic and Doll Shows

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