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Mayco Glazes

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Specialty Glazes & More

Silk Screen Medium
Silk Screen Medium is a thickening agent intended to be mixed with underglazes and glazes to make a glaze-paste. This paste creates finer, sharper detail when using silk screens on ceramics.

*AC310 Silk Screen Medium

4oz - $2.95  


White Cobblestone over Orange glaze and Poppy Fields Crystalites

Unique textural glazes which form a raised rectangular chip-like surface. Amount of product application will influence final design. Stir well. Brush or sponge over any glaze. Handle with care as dried glaze has a tendencey to flake. Fire to cone 06.
Do not spray apply without personal protective equipment. Non-Toxic.
Cone 6 results - turns glossy.


(Click on color chip for closeup)

*SG201 Black Cobblestone
Mayco Specialty Glaze

4 oz - $3.60  

PINT - $10.80  

Black over White Glaze

*SG202 White Cobblestone
Mayco Specialty Glaze

4 oz - $3.60  

PINT - $10.80  

White over Black Glaze


Sculpting Medium
Sculpting Medium is a dimension 'glaze' that produces a white, raised surface. A great use of Sculpting Medium is to add structured design elements to your work using stencils, lace and stamps. Apply a stencil to your piece, brush Sculpting Medium over the stencil, let the Medium set up a bit and remove the stencil. Sculpting Medium can be brushed on or applied with a sponge directly on bisque or on top of an unfired glaze. The recommended thickness is 1/16 to 1/8". The fired finish can be coarse and have rough edges, a layer of glaze will smooth the sharp edges. Firing range is 05/06, not higher..

*SG501 Sculpting Medium

4oz - $4.15  


Mayco's Snowfall is a Non-Toxic textural product which gives a snow-like effect. Very dimensional.
(See technique link abelow)


(Click on color chip for closeup)

*SG302 Snowfall

4 oz - $3.95  


Elements over Snowfall Technique
Elements over Snowfall Technique

Innovative Non-Toxic Chalkboard glazes turn any bisque surface into an erasable chalkboard! Fire to cone 06.

(Click on color chip for closeup)

*SG101 Chalkboard Black Discontinued - sold out sg101
*SG102 Chalkboard Green Discontinued - Sold out sg102

These glazes have been discontinued. We will leave the pictures up for reference only.

*SG301 Glitter

(Shown over white)
Discontinued - Sold out sg301
*SG303 Confetti

(Shown over blue)
Discontinued - Sold out sg303

Confetti on Trees
Confetti over Stroke & Coat

* - Safe for food containers.* - Labels contain cautionary warning.

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