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Closing soon!

Jungle Gems ~

Beautiful new glazes are here to replace some of your old favorites. These NON-TOXIC glazes flow when fired, producing unique and stunning results. Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes are now non-toxic, yet still provide all the brilliant sparkle, explosion and color of the previous leaded version and are now safe for children

Apply to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Use a soft fan brush to apply the first two or three coats and to apply the final coat which should include crystals. Fire to shelf cone 06. If more flow is desired, fire to cone 05. Safe for use inside food containers.

* - Safe for food containers.* - Labels contain cautionary warning.

* CG707 Woodland Fantasy Out of Stock cg707
* CG713 Peacock Green Out of Stock cg713
* CG716 Pagoda Green Out of Stock cg716
* CG717 Pistachio Out of Stock cg717
* CG718 Blue Caprice Out of Stock cg718
* CG722 Seawind Out of Stock cg722
* CG750 Noel Out of Stock cg750
* CG753 Sassy Orange Out of Stock cg753
* CG756 Firecracker Out of Stock cg756
* CG768 Purple Sage Discontinued - sold out cg768
* CG772 Sand Petal

4 oz - $6.10  

* CG779 Black Opal Out of Stock cg779
* CG780 Mystic Jade Out of Stock cg780
* CG783 Strawberry Sundae

4 oz - $6.10  

* CG785 Royal Fantasy Out of Stock cg785
* CG786 Obsidian Out of Stock cg786
* CG788 Dutch Enamelware Out of Stock cg788
* CG793 Beach Pebbles Discontinued - sold out cg793
* CG795 Yadro Print Out of Stock cg795
*CG798 Black Iris Out of Stock CG798
*CG954 Wildfire Out of Stock CG954
*CG958 Lagoon Blue Out of Stock cg958
* CG961 Evergreen Out of Stock cg961
* CG962 Blue Azure Out of Stock cg962

* CG963 Lemon Lime Out of Stock cg963
* CG964 Kaleidoscope Out of Stock cg964
* CG965 Mocha Marble Out of Stock cg965
* CG966 Tiger Lily Out of Stock cg966
* CG967 Green Agate Out of Stock cg967
* CG968 Peppermint Twist Out of Stock cg968
* CG969 Floral Fantasy Out of Stock cg969
* CG970 Masquerade Out of Stock cg970
* CG971 Purple Cosmos Out of Stock cg971
* CG972 Dragon's Breath Out of Stock cg972
* CG973 Alligator Out of Stock cg973
* CG974 Bloomin Blue Out of Stock cg974
* CG975 Sky Diamonds Out of Stock cg975
* CG976 Teal Drops Out of Stock cg976
* CG977 Ink Spots Out of Stock cg977

* - Safe for food containers.* - Labels contain cautionary warning.

Simple, Secure, Convenient - Creative Glazes.

Cone 6 results

  CG707 Turns brown green with green crystals   CG954 Color no change specks & crystals fade  
  CG713 Turns anolive green with blue crystals   CG958 No change  
  CG716 Turns gold brown with gold crystals   CG961 Color darkens, crystals fade  
  CG717 Turns mint green and crystals fade   CG962 Glaze moves, color fades, crystals turn golden  
  CG718 Slightly fades   CG963 Color fades  
  CG722 Crystals flow and slightly fade   CG964 Color fades  
  CG750 Crystals fade   CG965 Color fades  
  CG753 Crystals fade   CG966 Color fades  
  CG756 Base glaze boils, crystals fade   CG967 Turns light greens and blues  
  CG768 Crystals fade   CG968 Color fades  
  CG772 Base glaze turns glossy, crystals fade   CG969 Turns bluish-purple with orange flecks  
  CG779 Crystals fade   CG970 Color darkens  
  CG780 Turns green with golden crystals   CG971 Color turns blue with tan specks  
  CG783 Fades to a green white   CG972 Base glaze turns greenish brown, crystals fade  
  CG785 Light blue background, dark blue halo, cryals turn light blue   CG973 Base glaze turns dark green & glossy. Crystals fade.  
  CG786 No change to base glaze, crystal turns blue   CG974 Base glaze turns olive, specks & crystals fade  
  CG788 Crystals fade   CG975 Base glaze darkens, crystals turn green  
  CG793 Turns to a light green, crystals fade   CG976 Base glaze turns blue green, crystals lighten  
  CG795 Turns a green brown, crystals fade   CG977 Base glaze turns blue white, small crystals fade  
  CG798 Crystals fade with some white specks        
* * * * * *
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