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Mayco Glazes

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Closing soon!

Peacock Eyes
S2701 - Click me!

Mayco Crystalite Glazes

These glazes are an update on classic crystal glazes in beautiful contemporary colors. And, to make it even better, Crystalites are completely non-toxic! Great for use in schools, institutions or contemporary studios. These vibrant colors apply smoothly and easily for fantastic results.
Shake jar. Apply 3 coats to shelf cone 04/05 bisque using a fan brush. Avoid placing heavy amounts of crystals near bottom of piece as some crystals flow more than others. Fire to shelf cone 06.

Cone 6 results listed at the bottom of the page.

(Click on color chip for closeup)

*S2701 Peacock Eyes Out of Stock Peacock Eyes
*S2702 Northern Lights Out of Stock Northern Lights
*S2703 Berryberry Pie Out of Stock Berryberry Pie
*S2704 Plum Jelly Out of Stock Plum Jelly
*S2705 Desert Mist Discontinued - Sold Out Desert Mist
*S2706 Spiced Banana Discontinued - Sold Out Spiced Banana
*S2707 Lily Jade Discontinued - Sold Out Lily Jade
*S2708 Oriental Carmel Out of Stock Oriental Carmel
*S2709 Cappuccino Mint Out of Stock Cappuccino Mint
*S2710 Evergreen Flurry Discontinued - Sold Out Evergreen Flurry
*S2711 Tahiti Grape Out of Stock Tahiti Grape
*S2712 Monsoon Seas Out of Stock Monsoon Seas

Oriental Carmel
Glaze shown - S2708

* - Safe for food containers.* - Labels contain cautionary warning.

*S2713 Buttercup Blue *

Limited quantities remaining.
Out of Stock Buttercup Blue
*S2714 Herb Garden Out of Stock Herb Garden
*S2715 Spotted Kiwi Out of Stock Spotted Kiwi
*S2716 Celestial Out of Stock Celestial
*S2717 Rocky Road Discontinued - Sold Out s2717
*S2718 Cosmic Black Out of Stock s2718

*S2719 Cranberry Burst Discontinued - sold out Cranberry Burst
*S2720 Orange Fizz Discontinued - Sold Out Orange Fizz
*S2721 Stars & Specks Discontinued - Sold Out Stars & Specks
*S2722 Blue Chip Discontinued - Sold Out Blue Chip
*S2723 Grape Divine Out of Stock Grape Divine

s2726 over Intense Yellow
Cheetah S2726 over Intense Yellow S2590 with White Cascade between

*S2724 Lotus Blossom Out of Stock Lotus Blossom
*S2725 Safari Out of Stock Safari
*S2726 Cheetah Out of Stock Cheetah
*S2727 Poppy Fields Out of Stock Poppy Fields
*S2728 Poinsettia Discontinued - Sold Out Poinsettia
*S2729 Citrus Splash Out of Stock Citrus Splash
*S2730 Red Halo Discontinued - Sold Out Red Halo
*S2731 Kaboom Out of Stock Kaboom
*S2732 Sedona Sky Discontinued - sold out Sedona Sky

* - Safe for food containers.* - Labels contain cautionary warning.

3 vases
Upper left vase - Black Ice EL120 on top, Safari S2725 on bottom
Upper Right vase - Green Sapphire FN218 on top, Poinsettia S2728 on bottom
Bottom vase - Copper Adventurine EL121 on top, Lotus Blossom S2724 on bottom.

Below is a description of the results of Crystalites fired to cone 6
(intead of 06)

Color Result
S2701 - Peacock Eyes Background slightly grays
S2702 - Northern Lights Background fades to nothing & crystals fade
S2703 - Berryberry Pie Lavender blue with green crystals
S2704 - Plum Jelly Medium purple with blue and white spots
S2705 - Desert Mist Crystal turns mossier
S2706 - Spiced Banana Colors wash out
S2707- Lily Jade Crystals turn rusty tan
S2708 - Oriental Carmel Background lightens to cream, dark brown crystals
S2709 - Cappuccino Mint Golden yellow background with cream & dark brown crystals
S2710 - Evergreen Flurry No change
S2711 - Tahiti Grape Light jade with yellow & blue crystals
S2712 - Monsoon Seas Crystals blue & green agate
S2713 - Buttercup Blue Background washes out
S2714 - Herb Garden Turns mossy green
S2715 - Spotted Kiwi Color darkens
S2716 - Celestial Blue No change
S2717 - Rocky Road Turns more yellow
S2718 - Cosmic Black Fades to green cast
S2719 - Cranberry Burst Color fades
S2720 - Orange Fizz No change
S2721 - Stars & Specks Fades slightly specks spread
S2722 -Blue Chip No change in color, specks spread
S2723 - Grape Divine Background lighter specks spread
S2724 - Lotus Blossom Base color lightens, crystals darken
S2725 - Safari Base color lightens, crystals no change
S2726 - Cheetah Slightly lightens
S2727 - Poppy Fields Slightly lightens
S2728 - Poinsettia Red Crystals fade slightly, green turns olive
S2729 - Citrus Splash Crystals fade away
S2730 - Red Halo Crystals fade away
S2731 - Kaboom Crystals fade
S2732 - Sedona Sky Crystals fade

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