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Duncan Underglazes

Closing soon!

Fall Tray
Done using EZ Strokes and French Dimensions

EZ Strokes Translucent Underglazes

EZ Stroke Translucent Underglazes provide one-stroke, see-through colors for greenware. A second coat may be applied over the wet first coat for added depth of color and additional shading. Apply one coat for translucent color to greenware then fire to shelf cone 04. Water cleanup. Check the label for usage on bisque.

Note: EZ Strokes are food safe when 'sealed' with a food safe clear gloss glaze like IN1001.

(Click on color chip for closeup)

EZ002 Cinderella Pink Out of Stock ex002
EZ003 Irish Green Out of Stock ez003
EZ004 Willow Yellow Out of Stock ez004
EZ005 Sierra Yellow Out of Stock ez005
EZ006 Forget-Me-Not Blue Out of Stock ez006
EZ007 Royal Purple Out of Stock ez007
EZ008 Ruby Red Out of Stock ez008
EZ010 French Brown Out of Stock ez010
EZ011 Sienna Brown Out of Stock ez011
EZ012 Cobalt Jet Black Out of Stock ez012
EZ013 White Out of Stock EZ013
EZ014 Jade Green Discontinued - Sold Out ez014
EZ016 Grass Green Out of Stock ez016
EZ017 Dark Turquoise Out of Stock ez017
EZ018 Chartreuse Out of Stock ez018
EZ019 Smoke Grey Out of Stock ez019
EZ020 Mulberry Out of Stock ez020
EZ022 Flesh Tone Out of Stock ez022
EZ023 Midnight Blue Out of Stock ez023
EZ024 Royal Blue Green Out of Stock ez024
EZ025 Lemon Yellow

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ026 Yellow Orange Out of Stock ez026
EZ027 Navajo Turquoise Out of Stock ez027
EZ028 Leaf Green Out of Stock ez028
EZ030 Rose Out of Stock ez030
EZ031 Light Blue Out of Stock ez031
EZ032 Peacock Green Out of Stock ez032
EZ033 Ivy Green Out of Stock ez033
EZ034 Orange Out of Stock ez034
EZ035 Dutch Blue Out of Stock ez035
EZ037 Black Out of Stock ez037
EZ038 Medium Mahogany Out of Stock ez038
EZ039 Dark Brown Out of Stock ez039
EZ041 Denim Blue Discontinued - Sold Out ez041
EZ042 Teal Out of Stock ez042
EZ043 Mint Julep Out of Stock ez043
EZ044 Cobblestone

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ047 Thundercloud Grey Out of Stock ez047
EZ048 Mesa Clay Out of Stock ez048
EZ050 Pueblo Purple Out of Stock ez050
EZ051 Santa Fe Sunset Discontinued ez051
EZ052 Pecos Pink Discontinued ez052
EZ053 Hacienda Jade Out of Stock ez053
EZ054 Papago Turquoise Out of Stock ez054
EZ055 Indian Summer Out of Stock ez055
EZ056 Brick Red Out of Stock ez056
EZ057 Coral Red Out of Stock ez057
EZ058 Poppy Orange Out of Stock ez058
EZ059 Buttercream

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ061 Petal Pink Out of Stock ez061
EZ063 Wine Berry Out of Stock ez063
EZ064 Concord Grape Discontinued ez064
EZ065 Periwinkle Discontinued - Sold Out ez065
EZ066 Morning Glory Out of Stock Morning Glory
EZ067 True Taupe Discontinued - Sold Out ez067
EZ068 Roasted Chestnut Out of Stock ez068
EZ069 Azure Blue Discontinued - Sold Out ez069
EZ070 Olive Green

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ071 Dark Olive Out of Stock ez071
EZ072 Romaine Discontinued - Sold Out ez072
EZ073 Violet Discontinued - Sold Out ez073
EZ074 Dark Navy Out of Stock ez074
EZ075 Passion Red Out of Stock ez075
EZ076 Honeysuckle * Discontinued ez076
EZ077 Fruit Punch Out of Stock ez077
EZ101 Neon Yellow

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ102 Neon Blue Out of Stock ez102
EZ103 Neon Chartreuse Out of Stock ez103
EZ104 Neon Orange Out of Stock ez104
EZ105 Neon Green

1 oz - $3.75  

EZ106 Neon Red Out of Stock ez106

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Cone 6 Mid-Range Firing Results

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