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Duncan Underglazes

Closing soon!

Bright Cover Coats
Cover Coats used for these little bowls were:
CC146, CC194, CC201, CC202, CC203, CC204, & CC205
What fabulously Bright colors - all painted on greenware!!!

Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes

For solid color coverage apply 3 coats to GREENWARE. Colors shine with polishing technique. Fire to cone 04. If not polished, use clear glaze and fire to cone 06.

Since CoverCoats are clay-based they work best when applied to greenware, allowing the paint to actually become part of the bisque when fired to cone 04.

Some CoverCoats can be applied to bisque. But, when CoverCoats are applied to bisque, they must be re-fired to cone 04 to make the piece more stable. Skipping this step could result in your color chipping off, bubbling or shivering.

If you regularly apply CoverCoats to bisque, apply clear glaze and fire; and if you have been having problems, it is probably because you are not firing to cone 04 before applying clear glaze and firing to cone 06.

(Click on color chip for closeup)

CC101 Arctic White Out of Stock cc101
CC102 Ivory Pearl Out of Stock cc102
CC103 Lotus Yellow Out of Stock cc103
CC105 Sungold Yellow

2 oz - $3.85  

CC106 Harvest Gold Out of Stock cc106
CC108 Miami Pink Out of Stock cc108
CC109 Sunset Pink

2 oz - $3.85  

CC111 Dresden Flesh Out of Stock cc111
CC112 Light Flesh Out of Stock cc112
CC117 Walnut Brown Out of Stock cc117
CC118 Cobalt Crystal Black Out of Stock cc118
CC119 Charcoal Out of Stock cc119
CC120 Samoa Taupe

2 oz - $3.85  

CC121 Temple Grey Out of Stock cc121
CC122 Moonstone Grey Out of Stock cc122
CC126 Spring Green Out of Stock cc126
CC127 Fern Green Out of Stock cc127
CC128 Everglade Green Out of Stock cc128
CC129 Forest Green Out of Stock cc129
CC131 Teal Blue Out of Stock cc131
CC132 Fiesta Turquoise Out of Stock cc132
CC133 Turquoise Out of Stock cc133
CC134 Stardust Blue Out of Stock cc134
CC135 Lake Blue Out of Stock cc135
CC136 Marlin Blue Out of Stock cc136
CC137 Regency Purple Out of Stock cc137
CC139 Orchid Discontinued - Sold Out cc139
CC140 Morocco Red Out of Stock cc140
CC141 Light Yellow

2 oz - $3.85  

CC142 Canary Yellow Out of Stock cc142
CC143 Yellow Orange Out of Stock cc143
CC144 Burnt Orange Out of Stock cc144
CC145 Indian Red Out of Stock cc145
CC146 Purple

2 oz - $3.85  

CC148 Deep Turquoise Out of Stock cc148
CC150 Medium Green Out of Stock cc150
CC151 Rose Out of Stock cc151
CC152 Peach Out of Stock cc152
CC153 Avocado Out of Stock cc153
CC154 Cobalt Navy Blue Out of Stock cc154
CC156 Medium Brown Out of Stock cc156
CC157 Darkest Brown Out of Stock cc157
CC158 Bright Green Out of Stock cc158
CC159 Bright Blue

2 oz - $3.85  

CC160 DeepPurple Out of Stock cc160
CC161 Blue Green Out of Stock cc161
CC163 Danish Blue Out of Stock cc163
CC164 Ice Grey Out of Stock cc164
CC165 Black Brown Out of Stock cc165

(Click on color chip for closeup)

CC169 Peaches 'n Cream Discontinued - Sold Out cc169
CC171 Butterscotch Out of Stock cc171
CC172 Plum Blossom Discontinued - Sold Out cc172
CC173 Cobblestone Out of Stock cc173
CC174 Kentucky Bluegrass Out of Stock cc174
CC178 Pecos Pink Out of Stock cc178
CC180 Papago Turquoise

2 oz - $3.85  

CC181 Indian Summer Out of Stock cc181
CC182 Watermelon Red Discontinued - Sold Out cc182
CC183 Cherry Red Out of Stock cc183
CC184 Orange Peel

2 oz - $3.85  

CC185 Apricot Out of Stock cc185
CC186 Tomato Red

2 oz - $3.85  

CC187 Rustic Red Out of Stock cc187
CC188 Lilac Out of Stock cc188
CC189 Violet Discontinued - Sold Out cc189
CC190 Baby Blue Out of Stock CC190
CC191 Marine Blue

2 oz - $3.85  

CC192 Dark Blue Out of Stock cc192
CC193 Hunter Green Out of Stock cc193
CC194 Red Wagon Out of Stock cc194
CC195 Honeysuckle * Out of Stock cc195
CC196 Fruit Punch * Out of Stock cc196
CC201 Neon Yellow Out of Stock cc201
CC202 Neon Blue Out of Stock cc202
CC203 Neon Chartreuse Out of Stock cc203
CC204 Neon Orange Out of Stock CC204
CC205 Neon Green Out of Stock cc205
CC206 Neon Red Out of Stock cc206

Cone 6 Mid-Range Firing Results

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