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Duncan Glazes

Closing soon!

French Dimensions

High pile glazes for raised design effects over and under nonmoving glazes and over each other.

French Dimensions can be applied to greenware as well as bisque. These glazes are an exciting addition to any ceramic design. French Dimensions are widely used for the Stained Glass method - outline your design with French Dimensions, then fill in with brightly colored glazes. They can also be used to add dimension and definition to a design, changing it from ordinary to extraordinary. We love this product!

French Dimensions are nontoxic and leadfree, but not recommended for use on food containers due to raised surface which could harbor bacteria. However, they can safely be applied to the outside of mugs, bowls, teapots, etc.


(Click on color chip for closeup)

FD 254 Black Licorice Out of Stock FD254
FD 258 Pure White Out of Stock FD258
FD 265 French Straw Out of Stock FD265
FD 266 French Papaya Out of Stock FD266
FD 267 French Scarlet * Discontinued - Sold Out FD267
FD 268 French Wine * Discontinued - Sold Out FD268
FD 269 French Plum * Discontinued - Sold Out FD269
FD 270 French Delft * Discontinued - Sold Out FD270
FD 271 French Kiwi Out of Stock FD271
FD 272 French Briarwood * Out of Stock FD272
FD 273 Taupe Discontinued - Sold Out FD273
FD 274 Light Pink Out of Stock FD274
FD 275 Neon Blue Out of Stock FD275
FD 276 Neon Chartreuse * Discontinued - Sold Out FD276
FD 277 Neon Coral * Discontinued - Sold Out FD277
FD 278 French Really Red Out of Stock FD278
FD 279 French Navy Discontinued - Sold Out FD279
FD 280 French Hunter * Discontinued - Sold Out FD280
FD 281 French Lavender Discontinued - Sold Out FD281

Additional Tips and Hints:

1. Keep the nozzle clean. When you are finished appling French Dimensions always take the tip off and clean carefully to remove any dried paint. This way it will be ready to use next time.

2. If it is cold, warm the bottle before use. This will help keep the line smooth, without breaks. This can be done by simply holding the bottle in your hands for a few minutes before use or put the bottle into a cup of warm water and let is soak up the heat. When ready to use, knead the bottle gently to mix and begin.

Cone 6 Mid-Range Firing Results

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