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Duncan leaded color to non-leaded color conversion chart

Leaded Color - (old) Non-leaded Color - (new)
AR697 Eggnog IN1027 Spiced Cream
AR698 English Tweed IN1029 Tweed
AR701 Blue Denim IN1013 Blue Denim
AR707 Pewter SY1024 Antique Pewter
AR723 Mushroom Spice IN1040 Mocha Spice
AR726 Grey Flannel IN1028 Grey Spice
GL611 Ultraclear IN1001 Clear
GL613 Black IN1613 Black
GL621 Shell Pink IN1006 Tea Rose
GL626 Royal Ruby IN1626 Royal Ruby
GL639 Apple Green IN1639 Apple Green
GL648 Catalina Blue IN1033 Bluebonnet
GL651 Wine IN1010 Plum Blush
GL669 Bottle Green IN1669 Bottle Green
GL670 Sun Yellow IN1670 Sun Yellow
GL672 Evergreen IN1037 Leaf Green
GL679 Royal Danish IN1679 Royal Danish
GL755 Terra Cotta IN1021 Terra Cotta
GL757 Chowder IN1038 Parchment
GL768 Apricot Frappe IN1022 Peach Blush
GL772 Christmas Tree Green IN1019 Holiday Green
GL780 Teddy Bear Brown IN1023 Butter Toffee
GL784 Midnight Blue IN1014 Galaxy Blue
GL785 Purple Iris IN1011 Royal Purple
GO103 Peach IN1031 Antique Peach
GO 104 Mauve IN1007 Carnation Pink
GO114 Primrose IN1008 Antique Mauve
GO129 Blue Jade IN1035 Rain Tree Green
GO142 Pecos Pink IN1007 Carnation Pink
20088 Blueberry Ice CR20088 Blueberry Ice
20086 Emerald Clouds CR903 Emerald Falls
20022 Chocolate Marshmallow CR904 Fudge Marble
20089 Raspberry Ice CR20089 Raspberry Ice
GL611 or GL612 Clear In1001 Envision Clear or PB2639 Pure Brilliance Clear

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