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Ceramics 101

The Red-Green Dilemma

In the past it wasn't a good idea to mix red (lead based) and green (copper based) glazes on the same piece. Even firing red and green in the kiln at the same time could cause problems and ruin the red glazed piece. Reds came out grey or black, sometimes even clear. With the advent of the un-leaded glaze those times are definitely in the past.

Now, using Envision glazes, you CAN put red and green glazes on the same piece. Envision glaze does not contain lead, so your reds will not be affected by your greens. Envision reds can be fired in the same kiln-load as Envision greens or other colors with no special precautions or adverse effects. And, because it has no lead, Envision reds can even be fired in the same kiln-load as non-Envision greens.

Your other choice, if you wish to apply red and green on the same ceramic piece, is to use Concepts Underglaze for Bisque. These colors also contain no lead and so are unaffected by other colors. No special firing precautions are required.

See the Ceramics Insider Newsletter for November 2001 for tips on using Red Coats underglazes.


Duncan, Mayco and Western now offer fantastic red underglazes which can be painted on greenware and fired with any other color! We love the new CoverCoats underglazes CC194 Red Wagon and CC206 Neon Red.. Paint three coats on greenware. Fire to cone 04. Clear glaze with your choice of Duncan's IN1001, SN351, CN2000D, Mayco's S2101, or C300 , then fire to cone 06. Beautiful, brilliant color every time. Food safe and non-toxic.

If you prefer painting on bisque, try one of Duncan's new red Concepts CN074 or CN507. Or Mayco's Stroke n Coat SC73, SC74 or SC87. Bright, brilliant, foolproof color. Or even Duncan's Envision red IN1206. All are food safe and non-toxic!

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