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Ceramics 101

Should I use a Strap on my mold? Or should I use rubber bands?

You should use a strap (or more than one if necessary) on any mold which holds more than half a gallon of slip. On smaller molds you should use strong, wide rubber bands.

My mold leaks, what can I do?

If your mold becomes warped and allows slip to leak along the seam lines, wet it (some advocate dipping it in a bucket of water), band it very tightly in several directions, using enough bands to pull all the seam lines together. Now set the mold aside on a flat surface and do not use it again until it is totally dry. This could be several weeks depending on weather conditions. When you use the mold again it should not leak. If it does you will have to decide whether to try wetting and banding again or cut your loses and toss the mold.

How to store a mold

Always store molds on a flat surface in a dry location. If you have a two part mold you should generally lay the mold down so that the seam line is parallel to the surface, like this =======. The idea of keeping the seam line parallel to the surface is to deter warping. It is also best to keep the opening facing the wall, if possible, to prevent the mold from filling with dust. Only turn it to face the wall after the mold is completely dry.
If your mold has more than two parts, like a teapot or pitcher, you will have to look at it to determine the best way to store it to prevent the mold from warping.

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