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Ceramics 101

Using Dipping Glaze

Basic Instructions:

1. Make sure the ceramic piece is clean and free of dust or clay particles.
2. Dust bisque thoroughly with a duster brush and damp-sponge to remove any remaining dust particles.
3. Pour glaze into container and mix with a clean toilet bowl brush (Duncan says: yes, really!) Do not use a high-speed electric mixer. Dip 1/2 to 3/4 of the bisque into the glaze and quickly lift it out. Dip remainder of ware, overlapping already dipped area slightly. Touch up with a glaze brush as needed.
4. Clean up brushes and tools with water.
5. Stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.

Tips and Techniques:

1. Use clean hands or dipping tongs to hold the ceramic bisque while dipping.
2. Dip with one single, smooth motion, in and out of the glaze, using wrist action to turn the ware in the glaze.
3. Keep ware from touching the sides and bottom of dipping container as the glaze coating may be rubbed off by contact areas.
4. As you removed the ware from the dipping container, shake any drips off - back into the glaze.
5. Before placing dipped ceramics on a rack or cart to dry, finger-smooth any drips or runs.

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