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welcomes you to the most convenient way to order Duncan and Mayco ceramic glazes and ceramic accessories online.

Duncan vase with gold

Now you can get your favorite Duncan and Mayco ceramic glazes and paints delivered right to your door using Creative Cart, our secure online shopping cart. We also offer Kemper decorative tools, shape cutters and cleaning tools, Duncan brushes, Mayco brushes, other ceramic tools, clay carbon paper, and more.

Creative Glazes features Duncan ceramic paint and glaze, including - Artisan, Shimmers and Envision glazes, Crystal and Crackle glazes, fired-on gold, white gold and Mother-Of-Pearl overglaze, EZ Strokes, Cover Coats, Concepts Underglazes and French Dimensions. We also offer Mayco Foundations, Crystalites, Jungle Gems, Elements and Designer Liner glazes, Kiln repair, kiln wash, and Orton cones as well as brushes and various Kemper ceramic tools.

Duncan Mayco

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